DENTORAL Non-Alcoholic Natural Mint

We are long-time repeat customers. Each order with Microcide has been easy to place and shipped promptly. Great product.

Patricia S., Swampscott MA

Pro-San L refill

Always a easy transaction and a really great product!

Eugene K.

Backyard Farms

Backyard Farms greenhouses produce an estimated 26 million pounds of tomatoes per year distributed throughout the US and Europe. Mark Queenan, the company’s director of quality assurance and food safety, notes that Backyard adheres to Good Agricultural Practices, Good Handling Practices, and Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls. He points out that the company became the first farm in Maine to be USDA GAP Certified in 2007, and in 2010 it became the first farm in Maine and New England and one of the first in the U.S. to be SQF Level 3 certified. In 2012, it was the first farm in Maine to be GAP Harmonized certified, and it is striving to become Global GAP PSS (produce safety standard) certified in 2014. In addition, Backyard’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP, program addresses potential bacterial, chemical, or physical contaminants. Microcode’s PRO-SAN LC plays an important role in food safety. It also added a no-rinse vegetable wash called ProSan LC that works against disease-causing pathogens, spoilage organisms, and tomato plant pathogens. And it has replaced transfer belting in its packhouse 1 to improve cleaning and hygiene.

Mark Queenan

Mitsukoshi USA, Inc.

We have been using Microcide Pro-San-L product exclusively for our Oshibori machine solution for over 1 year. We use a Purus oshibori dispenser from Japan. It dispenses from a sanitary towel roll and uses a warm water reservoir. We needed a product too add to the water reservoir and came upon Microcide. We are very confident that the product provides our guest with a sanitary product. There is no odor or residue. When we use wash cloths for oshibori we use this in a manual method as well. We are satisfied with the product and feel it is a necessary part of our guest safety efforts.

Scott Farrow